Okay, here’s a my social media hack, brown bag.
DISCLAIMER: The fallowing Trumpno video was meant to be funny, and not to offened anyone but seems work.  I’m not trying to make a political statement one way or the other. However, given Trump & Hillary are dominating the news, in this current presidential cycle on the run up to the 2016 election Trump is a convient meme, I thought it was a good meme to play with to demonstrate how to “hack social media” old school SEO style(I worked on Google Adsense/Video, & Yahoo Ads/Video).  Here I’m using Azuqua’s servers(we now have Azuqua on Predix refered to as Predix Designer I belive ), it was kinda of fun, and thought would be informative to my colluages who are interested in learning Azuqua err I mean Predix Designer???
First, as we all are painfully aware of, twitter people love to troll each other, therefore if you play “Devils Advocate” you will draw the trolls your twitter you, or some marketing gimmick, profile, website ext.  In this example, I created a fake twitter profile, called @trumpno, with super man as the profile pictures, because Superman to wants to make America Great Again, ${lol}.
Second, using Azuqua Channels, which is another word for API’s, we can invoke the API’s without writing any code, that’s awesome!  So I did a search against all of Twitters Tweets for the word Trump.
Third,  I used the sentiment analysis API/Channel to determine if the tweet was positive or negative inorder to durvie a Boolean value of True or False to use in a if/else statement.
Finally, If the tweet was positive I would reply “Your not allowed to vote for trump”, if the tweet was negative reply “Trump’s winning…. & winning some more” (Charlie Sheen reference, a little dated),
JOsH Lindsay
@jlindsay  “My girl-friend likes me on Facebook =)~”
NOTE: It is important to have current memes handy, in order to fool the cool kids, along with proper slang (if there is such a thing) in the perspective language your working with.
If the language is to formal, it sounds like a “language translator” to generate spam,  hence the slang.
The cooler you sound the better, ie
“cool kids, like cool-aid, which turns into hater-aid”
I use the words of a popular rap artist, or pop start to zero in on the popular verbiage.  Then click go.
Azuqua sent 1000+ tweets inside of a 1/10th of a second(I wanted to test twitters response times, before their machine learning algorythms figured out trumpno was a bot), which it did not, It took a 5 or 10 minutes before I exceeded the total numbers of tweets Twitter will allow according to their TOS(Terms of Service).  I received about 1 out of 5 followers 20% CTA for each reply tweet, in SEO or Marketing terms this is outstanding results, anything above 0.5-1.5% is considered a success, clients are happy Google & Friends are on tract to meet their quarterly goals to meet Investors expectations, or if your the advertiser wall street.   NOTE: If I simply throatal back, limit, the total number of tweets to say 1-20 tweets a day, then I’d be within twitters TOS, and I could create nth trump & hillary bots, maybe even automate the creation of the bots as well, and feed a new term to search against(propbably get a list of the top-trending hash tags, or searched keywords via the twitter API), to keep those tweets fresh, and the fallowing’s feed with plunty of content.  As they say at Lucas Film, “Content is King”, I would add Data is content.
Just Saying…


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