My daughter Sam using Faceshift to animated her Avatar off a Microsoft Kinect & macbook @ Home, for fun.#girls-who-code& #girls-who-draw = fun, Also I’m having my daughter draw on a cintiq or ipad pro, with a pen, in order to teach Sam, her shapes, colors & geometry, ext.

The trick was to give her the preverbal “training wheels”.  By having Sam trace a poster of a movie she liked, in photoshop on the cintiq+mac(could be a ipad pro + pen) she was able to learn about the Adobe Creative Suite UI/UX, along with mac osx, and little bit about how the hardware works.  She seemed to really enjoy it, and is learning quickly, with very little effort.

I was thinking, when she gets older, I’ll introduce her to javascript, and I’m sure she’ll already be comfortable on the computer by then, making it easier for her to learn.
We then moved on to the iphone, to take pictures of her art work, inorder to make movies out of it.  I was surprised she wanted to learn how to make the movie, on imoive on the phone.  Which was super easy to show her how to use.  Below we made the fallowing videos from the iphone with Sam pressing the buttons, as I gave her verbal instructions, after about 10-20 minutes, we were done, and she then begin to make videos on her own.

I think this is a intuitive way to learn numbers, partly because your body is designed to measure weight, time & distance, threw touch.  Computers remove many of these qualities, making numbers purely imaginary, or based on your vision perception.

Which is enough for most people, but not when it comes time to teach math.  I use to draw  during all my math classes, and seminally thumbing my way threw the math test, only doing homework I could get done during class which was discouraged.  People took the term “home work”, literally, therefore we shorten the term to work, never mind where I did it, this was because they wanted you to pay attention, which I did, but I was not the lowest common delimiter in the room.  So I was often board by the teacher re explaining everything to the students who refused to listen.


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