Google Machine Learning BIas… oh snap… Republican Congress Woman Ms. Zoe Lofgren

ask Google CEO Sundar Pichai… “”” why is it, when I google the word Idiot… a picture of President Donald Trump comes up… see… look… I just google’d it on a Google Andriod… see Donald Trump… Are you telling me, this was an accident… or was this intentional… or programed into your search engine algorithms… “”” good question, although we know the answer… ie Google Machine Learning Bias… or Google Snap Dragon…

Republican Congressman Steve Chabot…  “I only see negative news articles when I google my name, or fellow conservative colleagues…  I had to dig 3,4,5 pages before I would see any articles that were natural or positive… I know google’s position is the Algorithm made me do it…  but do you understand why conservatives are concerned about Google’s Bias…  or why we are asking you these questions?”

Sheila Jackson Lee…  “Does Google choose Liberal Voices over Conservative Voices… yes or no.”…  “If Hate speech provokes or incites violence is that the definition or cause to take take content, videos ext…”

“Does google protect the privacy of users emails via gmail… Does google share information learned from the emails with foreign actors…”

“Does Google facilitate illegual online Drug & Pharmacy sites?”

“Will Google Launch Censorship in China with Google Dragon Fly?”…

6 thoughts on “Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies before the House Judiciary Committee

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