In software, we have open source which runs counter to copyright, ie copyleft

This allows developers to leverage existing code to create new and more powerful software in a fraction of the time ie Adam Smith “Wealth of Nations” and are obligated to pay it forward by law. In concept this increases a nations productivity and economic activity at almost zero cost but also at the total cost of the original developer time & effort (linux case & point), however corporation leverage “open source software” to create “proprietary software” in order to extort money from consumers via artificial monopolies ie licensed software, or SAAS (software as a service) similar to a copyright, this limits the use of the intellectual property ie code, which in turns reduces productivity and economic activity, and is only allowed to work if consumers pay for limited use hence SAAS.

Question is… do we want to expand our economy or not?

Strangely the consumer data is more valuable then the software itself, and has been turned into a source for intelligence gathering, and is now a “double edge sword”, which serves as a tool & a threat to everyones security. Similar to the invention of the nuclear bomb. Question is… now what?
“When you come to a fork in the road take it…” ~ Yogi Berra

For instance, Phot0shop Adobe has restricted my use of photoshop with both licenses & SAAS.  I’m not opposed to paying, as I make significantly more money with Adobe then without.  However, Adobe now makes a copy of almost every file I create and stores it in Adobe’s cloud, therefore all my designs are now in the cloud & Adobe or if someone hacks Adobe once again, both adobe & the hackers, can see/take my designs for free.  Hence the security threat(s).
Perhaps this is where capitalism fails, and no longer can provide the economic system to operate under.  So again, now what?

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