Lets say you bought a house at the bottom of the recession in 2013, for 400k in Oakland California.  Then, sold that place for 900k in 2016(never mind the taxes for the moment).  You would have like 500k in your pocket.  Wow, you don’t say…  That’s allot of mula.

So if you simply take your money out of the bank, the bank stops collecting interest, and will no longer be able to write loans against that $500,000.00 you had deposited. The bank losses. How are they going to pay for all that cocain & their lady friends =(

so if it was 20 to 1, ( 500k * 20 ) = $10m, if its 40 to 1 ( 500k * 40 ) = $20m.

One thought on “Joker’s revenge, burning the money he stole from the mob, deleveraged the economy of Gotham, leasson learned

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