Funny but, he fails to realize who is audience…  cause he lives in the real world, on stage, standing up.  Where as these kids are watching porn online for free, while stoned out of the mind, energized by aderell, drinking coolaid, as it turns into hater aid, manson, unibomber, timothy McVeigh style.

If you think its cool to punk some college kid, think again.  You are unleashing the next home grown american pyscho on your trail, with you as their take down target.  Therefore, cool it, and you too must try to understand as well, instead of throwing more gas onto the fire.

Pro-TIP: Remeber, there are two cymotanious wars happing right now, this is the precursor to world war three, cyber war sounds like a joke, but is no joke, and these kids will kill you eventually, if you keep it up.

If you don’t belive me, watch the fallowing.  BTW, the CIA use to perform fuck’d experiments on these same kids, thats how we got both ted kaczynski & timothy mcveigh, who both read the anarches hand book, and a couple fuck’d manifesto, in addtion to writing their own.  In teds case, he was dosed with acid & LSD while particpating in a study @ Harvard, before he went Berkley as a professor in math I belive.  Therefore, the CIA was responsable for everything he did from that point forward.

Even Ted said, technology & the goverment will kill us all, which is was the reason why he sent anthrax in the mail to a couple presidents, fuck’n the post office and everyone in between hard.

mcveigh on the other hand, joined the army, something to do with tanks, and bombs, so clearly his weapon of choice are bombs.

Where as the ice man, the character model for Tony Soprano, of the Sopranos, my favoirte James Gandolfini, played.  The ice man, killed everyone he encountered except his family, and the one dude, that turned him in.  Shit get’s real from there, think twice, talk once, use as few words as possible, something a comedian should know, before walking into a school & punking some kid, who will probably stalk him for now on, and one day you’ll find your house blown up.

plus there’s hannable, it gets worse, checkout isis.   Read the bible alaredy, study, stop being so lame.   Don’t suck, be awesome!  JOsH

Stunning milf squirts again and again

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