The thing about religion is they love symbols, they love coded words, secret rituals ext

Take secret for instance, they don’t use the word secret which implies deception, hiding, sinning, wrong doing ext, so they use the word sacred instead.

They might say, we don’t disclose our net worth because its sacred, or we don’t communicate to others about our temple rituals because its sacred, ext.   So this is how they justify secretes, by declaring them sacred.  Sounds harmless?   Okay, thats like the US Government saying, “we don’t keep secretes, we simply mark sensative information as top-secret, trust us, we wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t approve of.”  How stupid do they take us for?  In any event its a form of double talk, or hidden meanings.   They should know they constantly interpert and reinterpert the bible, until the bible doesn’t mean anything anymore, while at the same time becomes a rosseta stone for life, based on the meaning they apply to each text.

In this talk I see the same old tricks again.    Take the title for instance “Judging Others?  Stop it.”  It reads like a one line joke, thats because they always say “start every talk with a joke, to loosing everyone up”.  Then segway into your real topic, by relating a personalized story, in-order to draw parrels later in the talk, or to lace the story with subliminal message, which you do not think the audience would accept at face value, so you have to work up to it, and slip it in, which is akin to “sugar coated poised pill”, ie a spoon full of sugar, helps make the medicine go down.

Tell them what your going to tell them,

then tell them what you told them,

then pull the old switch a ru, at the end change the meaning of the title to mean something else.   ie “Don’t judge me, because, I sin differently then you do…”  Seriously, is this an omission of sin by the LDS leadership?

So here we have the title, Judging Others?  Stop It!” to  “Don’t judge me, because, I sin differently then you do… Here Elder Uchtdorf, flips the script by redirecting the attention from judging others, to not judging him, ie the leadership, who is the benificiaries of collecting the tithing from the members.  So by telling their memebers not judge others, they are also saying don’t judge the Leadership, who just built a 1.2 billion dollar for profit shopping mall accross the street from their temple, which is sacrad, while people are living in poverty and still attending church, paying tithing, dodging taxes, while others in the church collect wellfare checks from the church.

So what does he mean, he means that the leadership is well aware of the hypocracy’s, and understand its not fair, and probably even wrong, but are complicit in the church buisness arm, because they either they never believed, or they don’t want to loose their power.

But what I’m starting to see is they fall victim to their own retorich, they painted themselves into a corner with their retorich, which is easily verifiable on the internet, so they just keep digging that whole deeper and deeper, as long as the money keeps coming.   In fact the defection, is costing them money, so they are attempting spin social media, in their favor with a high production value flame war of religious words, similar to a tweet beef, except its amoungst itself former and current members.

 Judging Others? Stop It!

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