Perhaps “The Law” is corrupt…

Anyone see Dr Drew’s documentary “Divorce Court Inc”, which outlined how courts created a debtors prison for family law, by ordering people to jail, who failed to pay legal bills ext, who didn’t break a single law?

Coupled “Divorce Court Inc” with Ronald Regan’s “War on Drugs”, and Vice & President Obama visit to an American Prison, you can clearly see in HD, what the justice system has become.

Vice shows inmates, being sent back to prison for failure to pay legal bills accumulated during their prison sentence, and articulated by President Obama, which adds pressure on convicts to go back to selling drugs, while on parol, in order to pay their legally debts, as a matter of survival. A vicious cycle, indeed.

Another Documentary by the Real Rick Ross, came out recently, who talked about his role in the Crack epidemic in the 1980’s, which was at the heart of Ronald Regains Drug War, and turned out to be in part how the US helped illegally finance the Iran Contra Scandal.


Another person who was vocal on the subject of CIA selling drugs in LA, was Micheal Rupert, who was also on Joe rogan’s podcast, and featured in a 2009 documentary titled “Collapse”, prior to committing suicide in 2014, probably due to chronic depression.  Vice labeled Micheal as Apocalypse man.

The Seven Five, cops in New York role in the cocain epidemic


Maybe this is what, Ron Paul meant when he use to say, “Don’t steel, the government hates competition.”

Debtors Prison was outlawed


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