In this particular interview, with Bill O’Reilly & Donald trump, O’Reilly actually sounds like a journalist for once, normally O’Reilly is the one who sounding off on some political stump speech.

To Be fair to Trump

Trump is making a couple good points regarding using economics to crush ISIS & chock-out some change from Mexico, but he lacks tact, and strangely business acumen. For a business man of his stature, he should know better.

Furthermore, sanctions are nothing new, we used sanctions on Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea & others, constantly for 50+ years. So this is a old tactic, which does not crush the enemy, it just makes them more resourceful, creative, and obstante.

Iron man 3 people…

So working with those countries become almost impossible. In fact each of these countries simply allies themselves with the other super powers such as China & Russia.

If Trump is voted president, trump is going to start WW3 with that sort of rhetoric. Its one thing to place an economic sanction on your competitor to force them into compliance, its another to loose face on the world stage publicly, that’s enough to trigger a war.

In nuclear football, its not a matter of winnin

Bill O’Reilly flies off the hanlde

Donald Trump on Howard Stern, 2015

John Stewart talks to Bill O’Reilly

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