This looks like a “1st Amendment Debate” being challenged online via twitter policy thereby setting a president and probably triggering some sort of legislation similar to pepa & sopa or more recently net neutrality, airing on the side of censorship out of fear; Which I’m not for, nor am I for hate speech; Trolling appears to be the tool used as the rational for censorship.

Rand Paul who is running for president was quoted recently saying, “Free speech is not about protecting popular speech, its about protecting unpopular speech.” Other quotes come to mind, Thomas Jefferson, “The mark of a true patriot, is decent.”, Jefferson goes to say, “We need a revolution every decade.”

Clearly, Jefferson was referring to the temptation of future generations to silence their decanters. In todays world we call these people hatters.

Kayne West was talking to Jimmy Kimmel about being shut down for rapping about jesus, and goes on to talk about how he had stand up for himself against all odds, and fighting his own fear. Which made a fan out of me.

For me I say, this is “why” we have the right to speak & the right to bare arms. Your free to say whatever you like, but remember this does not protect you from the consequences of your words. The guns simply reenforce this reality, and to protect yourself from haters with force if you must. Do not tread on me.




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