This image Literally was one of my all time favorite Jim Lee illustrations in the 1990\’s growing up. I was a huge Wolverine fan, and Jim Lee was consistently kicking out great illustrations for years. It served as a inspiration for me to keep drawing, even when I wasn\’t very good, because I just loved the art of it.

Today I\’m proud to say, I\’ve gotten a little better since then. Was it worth it? YES! In fact, I\’ve come to realize all the code I\’ve written over the past 10 years is obsolete, but all the Illustrations I created prior to coding is cooler today then the day I made it, because its now at least 10-15 years old, some peaces are 20 years old, and I\’m only 33 years old.

This line of thought, usually leads me to think I should sell my house and move somewhere where cost of living is significantly cheaper for a for a few years, while I indulge in my art. One of these days, I\’m sure I\’ll just ride off into the sunset, and all that will be left is a sketchbook.


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