Vox Carlos Maza says Fox is biased, but Vox’s Carlos Maza clearly is somehow not biased, and doesn’t peddle wild conspiracy theories. bull-shit, thats all they do, even their name VOX was meant to sound like FOX, to be the liberal version of FOX. But here’s the critical difference, you have to tell the truth not spin the facts to your bias to be not bias. Vox is hyper-progressive, liberal, socialist, communist anti-american.

Carlos Maza is propagandist, not a journalist, VOX==fake-news ie Propaganda. The news is not suppose to be a Gate Keeper.

Carlos Maza is accusing Fox of what Carlos Maza at Vox are doing ie Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Atheist LGBT Propaganda.

BTW, the majority of Americans are not LGBT, therefore they are not LGBT Allies and are not obligated to be LGBT Allies. And furthermore do not want to talk about LGBT’s bigotry & hatred towards the rest of Americans Society, let alone befriend hateful people.

If the LGBT’s continue to attack the rest of American Society, LGBT’s will continue to alienate themselves from Society. As you can see Carlos Maza is Angry person, who brought it on himself by pushing his Propaganda.


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