YouTuber Destiny is annoying, and sounds like a 13 year old valley girl with his up-talk… Also Destiny has a very short and rude tone/attitude, which sounds like he is annoyed for no apparent reason, and in the real world would get smacked for his tone alone; Which is indicative of a keyboard warrior/SJW, or academic who is never face to face with someone or off campus where people would f#’em up for being rude/disrespectful…

But still, Mr Reagan is not good at debate either. Mr Regan has a very friendly pleasant tone/attitude and none confrontational manner of speaking which suggest he lives life in the a professional corporate environment, however do not know what Regan did for work prior to youtube’n.

I don’t think Mr Reagan is familiar with where Destiny is coming from ie post-modernist who frames everything including morals as relative, for example “All names are made up”, (no they are not), most names are rooted in history & literature ie the bible, cities, landscapes, famous leaders ext . where as names like Shanika were created to distinguish themselves from traditional names rooted in American English, Spanish/Italian, or French as African.

In sum, Destiny thinks he’s smarter then he is, and comes off as rude/disrespectful, Mr Regan is trying desperately to make nice and come to consensus but is not making any progress, and would be better off not trying to come to a consensus.

And Destiny would be better served trying to relate his point of view to others like a teacher using the socratic method would, then letting his tone irritate who ever he is talking to.

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