Highlighted commentJoshua Lindsay1 week agoThe narrator is a marxist, and is blaming capitalism for the reality of human nature, and nature in general.

For example, Marxism killed 100 million people in 19th century, and enslaved the rest to maintain power, Where as a Capitalist Nation America had the military might to save the free world from Marxist Communist rule in ww1, ww2, and the cold-war.

Lets also remember, while marxist pretend to care about their people, the leadership always enslave and impoverished their people, North Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela Style. Breaking bad demonstrates how human nature and irresponsable people create demand which someone will supply even thought it is illegal in a America.

Notice the series starts with Walt living in a utopian communist dream of being a school teacher, dying of cancer and no ability to provide for his family when he was diagnosed with cancer, even though he was a brilliant chemist? In the end, Walt decided to stop being a good peasant and take what he wanted before he died illegally.

This is why Communist utopia’s fail; education is a excellent example of this, and where most kids are taught to be marxist only to become unemployable and anti-american.

If you noticed, Walt regrets he did not continue to follow his ambitions when co-founding the pharmaceutical company with his friends and choose the easy path and sold out to be a teacher, in time he resented that decision and used his resentment to justify harming all of Society in the name of providing for his family, when he could have put in the work and been successful millionaire instead of some under appreciated teacher.

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