Given everyone has access to information via the internet, books, library, phones, ext, we need to separate for-profit-institution instruction provided by institutions from the actual credential, because the institution(s) have proven they are not trust worthy.

Meaning, you can go to university, and or study privately, but if you want a credential you can take an exam from a independant government run institution inorder to be certified in your given field.

This way, Collages are not the gate keeper of degree’s, the only way the collage earn money is if the quality of their instruction results in passing the test they themselves do not control, or some some kid can pass by watching lectures on youtube, or reading a couple books.

1) Americans need to abolish Federal Tax Payer Guaranteed loans going forward. This will reduce the cost of collage everywhere.

2) If America does supliment any degrees, it should be for degree’s the work force needs, such as law, medical, engineering the scicens.

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