The point I want to high light is how Bill Gates talks about using Education as a tool or strategy for population control aka Eugenics… in addition to contraception, planned parent hood, and vacancies.

We now see the results of George W Bush’s the “No Child Left Behind Act” of 2001, and the adoption of the Gates Foundation “Common Core” announced in 2008, both appear to be failures.

No child left behind created testing standards the entire nation is required to administer which determines Federal Funding for each school. Where as Common Core changes the way students learn math, reading and writing from algorithmic to some kind of word game, or deductive reasoning.

Today in 2019, When Bill Gates talks about Education, specifically Women’s Education in Africa, the intended effect is to lower birth rates, to stop the popluation of Africa from increasing.

If that was Bill Gates intention of Education role in Africa, then it would stand to reason, that Common Core aka Education Education Education would have the same effect on Americans who were subjected to Common Core, from 2008 to 2019, and University.

If we Couple Common Core, and No Child Left behind with the results of programs like “Tax payer guaranteed Federal Student Aid” from the 1990’s, and America adopting Affirmative Action in the 1960’s.   Universities produce more kids with useless Humanity Degrees, and a collective debt of $1.6 trillion dollars in Student Debt.

These kids are also indoctrinated into Marxism, Feminist Studies, and Radical Identity Politics.

This is not a coincidence, its sounds like low birth rates was the intended effect of Education Education Education on a population, which appears to be working as designed, illustrated by Bill Gates rhetoric.

Also, LGBT alliance was not something technology employee’s or students spontaneously adopted, in the 2010-2019 time period, it was installed by the university and companies HR Departments.  In addition to Girls who code, Lean in, increased H1B Visa programs, and diversity quotas.

In my mind there are way to many coincidence, which fit on the timeline…

Bill Gates use to relate Population control to Environmentalism, or Global Warming.  Meaning, the only way to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the effect of global warming, would be to reduce the number of people using carbon based energy such as oil, coal, natural gas.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Green Peace refutes the claim Carbon Emissions is the root cause of Global Warming. But instead, insists the Sun has always been the root cause and driver of Earths climate threw many ice ages, which consist of both Global Warming, and Global Cooling.

Image result for carbon greenhouse gas water

While Carbon is one of several green house gasses. But… So, is Water Vapor aka (H20), which is the primary Green House Gas in the atmosphere which is 95% not CO2 3.6%. Which begs the question what are you going to do, get rid of the oceans, to reduce H20 humidity in the atmosphere, and kill everyone and everything on planet earth?

BTW, Doesn’t green plants like trees and rain forest need CO2 to breath, and grow? Doesn’t the green plants like trees exhale Oxygen which we need in order to live? and we need the plants to feed the animals, which we eat?

So, the question is why do Humans want to limit or control the Human Population? Is it to reduce the Human population to a select few chosen people?

We are aware of the United Nations Agenda 21, or Georgia Guidestones which states the

How is this not Eugenics? According to wiki “””Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding certain genetic groups judged to be inferior, and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior.”””

Eugenics is the result of Racism, or Racial Supremacy Doctrine. Given what kids graduating with Humanity Degrees are talking about, they are indoctrinated in Postmodernism, Frankfurt School of Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, which is rooted in Neo-Marxism, aka Communism, which is designed to destroy the family, the church and give all power to the state.

Environmentalism & Education appears to be the Trojan Horse assert Marxism into children before they can develop critical thinking skills, for example the Green New Deal uses Environmentalism as the vehicle to insert communism into law.

As the children grow up to fear the end of the world aka Global Warming, they will take drastic measures to sabotage their own economy and governments, while corrupting the legal system with Neo-Communism.

Communism has destroyed entire nations and killed 150+ million people in the 19th century.

So Education’s role is to indoctrinate the youth and demoralize the a generation of children.

But its not just Communism, or Marxism, to demoralize the youth they’ve tried to normalize homosexuality, pedofila, and transgenderism threw Sex Education.

In addition to drugging the children who refuse to pay attention with fictional psychological disorders such as ADHD with Adderall and sugary beverages and candy, they are trying to plant seeds of doubt about their own sexual orientation.

By suggesting children also need to be chemically castrated with hormone blockers, to change the Childs sexual orientation and gender. Which will damage the childs psychological health, and recruits the child to the LGBT before they grow up and have a chance to develop their own identity.

All of this revolves around Population Control aka Eugenics, by controlling the narrative, and the children. Why because Bill Gates wants control the human population?

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