A brief history about how Copyrights structure Film & Video Gamer Investments, partnerships mergers and acquisitions. ie the 50 Cent Deal.

The 50 Cent Deal, is when a copyright holder like Disney, Lucas Film, or Paramount license their intellectual IP to a third party, to develop in video games, merchandise, tv shows, ext for a upfront fee, in addition to 50% of the future profits.

The 50 Cent Deal, is the life blood for Film & Entertainment Companies,  such as Disney, Paramount, Viacom, Lucas Film, Pixar, Fox ext, and also is how Video Game Publishers like Electronic Arts, fund their own IP development such as Spore, by using the profits from the 50 cent games such as the Godfather, to fund the development of their technology, corporate structure, and developer community…

EA like Lucas Film, then license or sells their IP back to Disney, Paramount, Viacom & Friends, for billions… So they to, have a interest in copyright law, in addition to patients.

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